Strategic Services

4WS provide a range of strategic consulting services to our clients, and we are often asked to provide strategic support across a multitude of subjects. As well as providing our personal opinions and expertise, we employ various information gathering techniques in order to provide data driven recommendations and advice as to the topic in question.

The implementation of the strategic advice we provide involves translating our strategies into action plans and implementing these plans within organisations, including areas such as project management and benefit realisation. As part of our engagement we provide these action plans and work with our clients in order for them to become embedded within their strategic roadmaps.

Although we would be delighted for our clients to utilise our delivery services for implementation, we believe that if you engage us solely for strategic consulting services, then we need to remain impartial in order to ensure that the implementation is fully transparent to our end clients.

We have significant experience in running competitions for delivery services, as well as negotiating the governance rules associated with public sector procurements.

We are clear on our boundaries and we want you to be too. 4WS strategic consulting services requires a high level of quantitative/analytics skills, in often shorter time-span and tighter deadlines, with longer working hours.

As a general approach, we find that working from our own offices combined with short, sharp engagement from strategic portfolio holders such as CIO’s, CTOs, executives and/or senior managers delivers excellent results.

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Many organisations face an unprecedented level of change, at pace and within increasingly finite resources. They often initiate a wide range of projects and programmes within a loose Portfolio but although individual projects and programmes may have governance and control, the strategy level or ‘Big Picture’ view for the top team is often missing. The executive requires a clear, comprehensive and integrated view of all the planned changes including inter-dependencies, risks, impact analysis, resource levelling, modelling / scenario planning and time-box analysis.

Integrated Strategic Planning provides a methodology, tools and products to enable strategic, portfolio level planning and insight which supports analysis for decisions on sequencing and prioritisation and enables your organisation to plot critical project and programme trajectories. It uses ‘Flotilla Mapping’ as a visual aid for modelling and scenario planning which enables ‘time boxing’ to focus on priorities, critical dependencies and ‘pinch points’. Correct ISP planning is able to map, at a high level, external influences and drivers that can derail critical programmes and projects by pulling together a wide range of sources to provide a ‘big picture’ view therefore fully supporting risk profiling.

Integrated Strategic Planning builds and manages the big ‘Flotilla Picture’, supporting the flow from data and information to knowledge & contextual intelligence through liaison with SME’s, providing insights into likely ‘collisions’ within the flotilla. ISP helps to understand the consequences of collisions and their impacts and provides impact and optimisation assessments to the organisation as decision support. It can provide scenario planning for contingency ensuring that waste is minimized (effort, resources and technology), it can provide a forward view of your organisations entire Portfolio landscape, no matter how large, complex or geographically and logistically challenged you are.

Commisioning And Competing

Effective commissioning allows your organisation to leverage the broadest range of supply chains to deliver services in the most efficient and innovative manner, whilst maintaining end customer experience.

4WS can work with you to accurately define the services to be commissioned, to help define the principles of competition and to assist with the running of the tendering process. 4WS can work with you on the full lifecycle of any procurement process, and once contracts have been awarded 4WS have the skills and experience to transform your services to align with the target operating model.

Digital And Technical Strategy

4WS can work with your organisation to develop and implement a technical and digital strategy, with a particular focus on moving from integrated legacy systems to modern digital services, with an eye on future innovations. This includes looking at people and processes as well as technology.

Key features of the services Digital and Technical strategy services delivered by 4WS include setting the strategic direction for an organisation, transitioning from legacy large scale systems to modern ways of digital working, implementing agile ways of working, focussing on end user needs and strategic development and implementation.

Digital Transformation

4WS can help you transform to a high performing digital and technology organisation by helping to develop and implement new ways or working, acting as change agents throughout the business and providing the leadership and coaching to ensure change is long lasting and delivers value.

Key features of the Digital Transformation services delivered by 4WS include, partnership through the change journey, process development and implementation, technical and digital leadership, coaching and mentoring and establishment, implementation and continuous improvement of enterprise digital delivery centres.